Working With The Emotions by Jigme Rinpoche

Working with the Emotions, by Jigme Rinpoche, originally published by Bodhi Path Martha's Vineyard (original cover below), is now published by Rabsel Editions and is currently available for purchase by ordering from your local bookstore or on Available in paperback or Kindle version.

Cover of original edition published by Bodhi Path Martha's Vineyard.

Emotions are an inherent component of human beings. They have an undeniable impact in our lives and sometimes make us act in a regrettable manner. Buddhism shows us the methods to “take back” control from our emotions, and be free of their hold on us. In undergoing a process of change, we can achieve true freedom. It is a gradual inner change in our mind that will allow us to understand the causes of emotions and how they influence our thoughts, speech, and action, giving us appreciation for the importance of knowing our own true nature.

"This is a well-written book that describes how this ancient discipline works to conquer emotional distress and quiet the mind. Lama Jigme Rinpoche's teachings are clear and easy to read. He makes gentle use of repetition, reinforcing the teachings without redundancy."

-- The Martha's Vineyard Times