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Songs of Realization

Poems of Shamar Khachö Wangpo and Gendun Rinpoche
(from the 2020 Online Annual Meeting for Bodhi Path North America)

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Teachings during the COVID-19 Pandemic

#1 The four dharma seals as a transformative tool.

#2 Like a golden swan in turbulent waters. Consider the precious nature of your human existence, with its freedom and assets.

#3 As we Breathe, Karmapa Thaye Dorje

#4 Intention and Motivation

#5 Karma & Change

#6 Ground, Path, and Fruition

#7 Tonglen

#8 Inner & Outer Resolution; Benevolence & Wisdom.

#9 Monlam, Aspiration

#10 Post confinement/meditation activities

This marks the end of the Covid Diaries series.

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