Prayer for the Swift Return of Shamar Rinpoche

Composed by H.H. the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, on the full moon day of June 13th 2014.
Translated from the Tibetan by Trinlay Rinpoche. Edited by Lara Braitstein.

Adopted for use on Bodhi Path Buddhist Centers.

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For a Bodhisattva of the highest level who has transcended the limitations of dualistic mind, physical death is but another stage in the endless cycle of manifesting that we call reality. Bodhisattvas manifest again and again in relative reality in order to help beings realize the true nature of their own conditions. Shamar Rinpoche is such a being.

On the full moon day of June 13th, 2014, H.H. 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje composed a prayer for the swift return of Shamar Rinpoche. Bodhi Path centers have adopted this official version, translated into English by Trinlay Rinpoche and edited by Professor Lara Braitstein of McGill University.

Shamar Rinpoche once said, “Anything can happen when its causes and conditions come together.” By reciting this aspiration prayer, we help create these conditions by joining our sincere wishes for Rinpoche's swift return, with the power of his wishes to benefit sentient beings.

To support Shamar Rinpoche's vision of making Buddhist practices accessible to a Western audience, his students from the Bodhi Path center in Natural Bridge, Virginia have composed a melody for the recitation of this Swift Return prayer.