Stupa E-Circumambulation

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Construction of the stupa's crown

Dedication of the Stupa

Shamar Rinpoche and Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche

Inside the stupa

Bodhi Path Stupa
(Natural Bridge, Virginia)

For millenia, Buddhists have believed a stupa brings incalculable blessings to its local area and to those who participate in its construction, and that meditating near or walking around a stupa can be a powerful way to help realize our innate potential for wisdom, compassion and peace of mind. Though common in Asian countries, only a few areas in the United States are blessed with a Buddhist stupa. We are fortunate to be among these areas.

Now, we are embarking on an ambitious project to create a practice environment worthy of the simple beauty and grace of our stupa. The addition of walkways, benches, traditional Tibetan prayer wheels, and plantings of grass, flowers, and trees will invite visitors to enjoy the stupa and inspire them to find their own best selves by its side.

The project has already been started — as you can see from the photos — and we are now seeking donations to complete this vision. We invite you to join us in our effort! Please take a moment to review the donation information flyer, or see the online donation information below to decide how you might best help to make the Stupa Practice Environment a reality.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you in the future!

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