Streamed Classes


Introduction to Online Content

Bodhi Path teachers provide access to some of their classes via live streaming. These classes are supported by our centers, including the newly formed “Bodhi Path Virtual Center” (BPVC) for people who are not near one of our physical locations. These classes are for live participation only, and are not recorded or captured. If you would like to participate in the next class, there are two ways:

Streaming as a Complement to Center Participation

Streamed classes at Bodhi Path are intended as a complement to the richness of programming available at our centers and our network-wide special events. We hope that you may find one of our centers nearby or that you may visit one from time to time as part of your Buddhist path. Benefits to visiting a local center:

See our complete list of centers, and feel free to email one of them to find out more.

What is the Bodhi Path Virtual Center (BPVC)?

The Bodhi Path Virtual Center aims to connect dharma students who do not live close to one of our local dharma centers. Currently, the Virtual Center exists primarily as a mailing list that keeps connected students informed of events. In addition to maintaining a calendar of online classes, the Virtual Center also aims to connect participants within a virtual community of supportive practitioners. We expect the community activities of the Virtual Center to grow significantly over time. We are happy to answer questions. To reach BPVC, feel free to .

How to become a supporter of Bodhi Path Online Content

The Bodhi Path network is providing online content to support the activities of both local centers and the Bodhi Path Virtual Center. In the past, these efforts have included the video series by Trinlay Rinpoche on Shantideva's The Way of the Bodhisattva, as well as a number of other live streamed classes. If you would like to help this activity continue, please consider becoming a patron at our page on the Patreon platform, at Through this platform, we can keep you informed of activity that is in the works, and also periodically provide dharma media content. Thank you for your interest in Bodhi Path Online Content.

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