Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats based on the Bodhi Path curriculum of practice are hosted in various places across the Bodhi Path network. In the USA, the Bodhi Path center in Natural Bridge, Virginia typically hosts meditation retreats in February, July, and September. The Bodhi Path centers in California typically host a retreat in the fall and spring.

Retreat Programs in Natural Bridge, Virginia, USA

The center in Natural Bridge offers meditation retreats focusing on sitting meditation using the techniques of calm-abiding and insight. Retreats are guided by Tsony, the resident teacher of the Natural Bridge center. Though specifics vary from year to year, the retreat schedule typically includes:

Retreats in Virginia are hosted at the center's beautiful meditation facility between the Blue Ridge & Allegheny Mountains. Accommodations are provided either on-site or at nearby B&Bs which offer reduced rates for participants. As not everyone stays together, these retreats are presently of the 9am-5pm variety, silent while all together, with optional silence after hours.

Retreats are open to practitioners of all levels, though newcomers are urged first to begin by attending one-day group retreats (offered at many local Bodhi Path centers) in order to become familiar with the program, the sitting periods, silence, walking meditation, and so on.

There is also the possibility for individual retreats in one of two available cabins at the Natural Bridge Bodhi Path center. Such retreats must be arranged mutually by the student and resident teacher.

Retreat Programs in California, USA

The centers in southern and central California typically organize two retreats per year, in the sprint and fall. Retreats are guided by Dharma Teacher Dawa Tarchin Phillips. Though topics vary, they typically cover the "Path to Awakening" teachings on Mind Training, which form the basis for the Bodhi Path curriculum, and the profound practice fr developing compassion of the Bodhisattva Chenrezig. In the past, these residential retreats have been hosted at the Restoration Oaks Ranch in Gaviota, CA.

Lama Jampa also traditionally leads an annual Nyungnye retreat at the Menlo Park center, though the dates vary year to year.

Retreat Programs Elsewhere

A number of other centers host non-residential retreats throughout the year. The topics and foci of these programs vary. Please check the schedules of centers in your geographic area, or the news & updates on the main page of this site.