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at Natural Bridge, Virginia

Golden Reliquary Stupa Information

Reliquary Building Relics of the 14th Shamarpa (1952-2014) were placed in golden stupas, located in a few locations around the world. In the U.S., a golden stupa is housed inside a reliquary building in Natural Bridge, VA.

(Photo: Mark Ballogg.)

This project involved the completion of many steps:

Reliquary Stupa

A site was chosen on the same hill ("Buddha Hill") as the timber-framed pavilion called the Buddha Pavilion. A donor sponsored the clearing of the site, and another donor sponsored a beautiful path that was landscaped (see photo collage at bottom of the page) for visitors to enjoy the serene environment while strolling between the reliquary stupa site and the pavilion.

Donations are being accepted for the surrounding landscaping.

Please specify donation instructions:

Wisdom Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made online (see above) or by check. Checks should be made to Wisdom Foundation, and mailed to 12 Bodhi Path, Natural Bridge, VA 24578. Please write "Reliquary Building" on the memo line for all checks to be designated for this project.

Enjoy more photo galleries of the consecration events and construction progress.

Buddha Hill Path

Thank you for your generosity!