Buddha Shakyamuni with Arhats (18th c) © Himalayan Art Collection


Born in Pennsylvania, Pamela Gayle White settled in France after completing her studies in horticulture there. A Buddhist practitioner since the mid-80s, Pamela spent several years working in parks and gardens before meeting – and being swept away by – the late great meditation master Gendun Rinpoche. She did two 3-year retreats under Rinpoche's guidance at Dhagpo Kundreul Ling in Auvergne, France.

Pamela has taught in Europe and the Americas and is one of the Bodhi Path and Dhagpo mandala translator/interpreters. She worked closely with many masters, including the 14th Shamarpa, in translating practice tests and commentaries from Tibetan. She also writes and is a contributing editor at Tricycle, the Buddhist Review.

An ordained Dharma teacher, Pamela trained as an interfaith hospital chaplain in Charlottesville. She recently resettled in the US and is now working as a hospice chaplain in central Virginia. Her shaggy canine sidekick Philémone, a.k.a. Moune, is a certified therapy dog.