Kuching Bodhi Path Society
No 2 , 7th Avenue, BDC, Lorong C, 93350
Kuching, Sarawak
East Malaysia

Tel: +60-82-453679
Fax: +60-82-454329

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Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching Bodhi Path Society is part of an international network of Buddhist Centers founded by the 14th Shamar Rinpoche to teach Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

Kuching Bodhi Path Society opened its doors on 25 May 2009. Since its establishment, the Center has hosted countless number of Initiation Ceremonies (Pujas) and precious Buddhist teachings. The center, located in the quiet residential suburb of Seventh Avenue, provides a comfortable sacred space for group and individual dharma activities. The Center offers a program of Buddhist philosophy, education and practices ranging from dharma teachings, discussion groups, pujas and meditations for beginners and advanced practitioners. The Center also participates in various charitable events.

From time to time, the Center has numerous visiting dharma teachers throughout the year.

Both Lama Wangdi and Lama Jimba Gurung serve as the Center’s current resident lamas. Together with members of the Center are happy to offer any assistance to all visitors and fellow dharma practitioners.

Lama Wangdi and Lama Jimba Gurung guides weekly group Dharma practices.