Giving to Bodhi Path

Bodhi Path centers and projects are supported entirely by donations. You can support the activities of Bodhi Path either by donating to individual centers, or by donating to regional entities that have been created to support Bodhi Path activities, centers, and projects.

Online information is provided about how to support Bodhi Path by giving in the USA or giving in Europe.

Bodhi Path also urges support for these additional pressing fundraising efforts:

Aid for Nepal Earthquake Recovery

Since the devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25, there are countless needs for donations to aid the victims. Thousands of people have lost their lives, loved ones, and homes; and the survivors face extremely difficult circumstances. Many villages in the outlying regions are completely destroyed, and it is taking time for help to reach them. Currently, the survivors need primary care such as water, food, electricity, and medical treatment. Many need shelter; tents, tarps, and corrugated roofing materials are being provided where possible, as well as cooking equipment, rice, other food staples, water, and medical supplies. Karma Kagyu groups in Nepal have banded together, forming an organization which can support those in need. They are able to bring immediate aid to those suffering hardship--- in a trusted, compassionate, organized fashion. Please donate what you can to help the multitude of homeless in Nepal.

Support for Sharminub Institute

Donations are needed to support completion and repairs for Sharminub Institute, which was damaged in the April and May earthquakes that ravaged Nepal. When possible, Phase 2 funding will be needed to complete the remaining areas in the main building, allowing the Institute to open and begin offering classes to both monastic and lay students worldwide.

Donations to Support Ceremonies Commemorating Shamar Rinpoche to be held at KIBI in Delhi, India on May 31-June 8, 2015

Many friends worldwide have inquired about means of paying homage to Shamar Rinpoche since his passing on June 11, 2014. Bodhi Path centers and students are invited to help through donating their support for ceremonies, travel costs, expenses for lamas and the monastic community, and other offerings.

Thaye Dorje, His Holiness The 17th Gyalwa Karmapa and numerous Rinpoches, monks, nuns, lamas, and laypeople are traveling and gathering in Delhi, at the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, to perform ceremonies and rituals commemorating the 1-year anniversary of Rinpoche's parinirvana. More information at

Thank you for your efforts, wishes, and generosity. It is a profoundly unifying time as we work together to pay respect and homage to our founder, Shamar Rinpoche.