Aims and Objectives

The Nera Jana Temple has the purpose of restoring the quality of the vinaya. The vinaya system is made according to the needs of a practitioner. When one decides to dedicate one’s life for enlightenment one needs to meditate full time and for practical reasons one needs the vinaya system. It is not a religious rule but a support for meditation. That makes it very precious practice, which nowadays is being lost in all Buddhist societies.

The Sarnath temple serves the purpose of providing Buddhist teachings to monks and lay people. Buddhist knowledge is for the ultimate goal, which at the same time serves for everyday life and therefore is important to preserve.

The junior monks will be trained to become scholars. If at the age of 40 they decide to go into meditation retreat they will at a later stage become good scholar meditation teachers.

The lay people will learn how to become perfect humans both for their own benefit and for others. If at a later age they decide to do full time meditation practice they will know how to do it.

This is a unique structure, which I intend to duplicate at other places.

Whoever donates to this project accumulate enormous merit because the benefit will go for sentient beings forever. Therefore from a Bodhisattva point of view there is no need to thank the donors but rather generate the deepest aspiration that you will fulfill your wishes.

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