Atisha 19th c. © Himalayan Art Collection

Gampopa 18th c. © Himalayan Art Collection

Highest Practice for Enlighentment

  1. Study The Seven Points of Mind Training [Lojong] and do the practice intensively for at least three years.
  2. After one year, receive the secret ultimate mind training (lojong) instructions from a qualified instructor. These instructions are the key to penetrating emptiness (shunyata) and are received by oral transmission only. While Mind Training belongs generally to the Kadam lineage, the Kagyu has a special tradition developed by Gampopa (1079-1153), who joined the Kadampa instructions with the Mahamudra teachings passed along from the time of the great Indian Mahasiddha Saraha. This oral transmission is known as "Two Rivers Joined" (bka‚ phyag chu wo chig drey) and represents a distinctly Kagyu tradition of Mind Training. This special, highest teaching is not written in any texts (including Mahamudra, Madhyamaka, and Maha Ati texts) and can only be learned from a qualified teacher. After receiving it, do this practice continuously.
  3. Members of Bodhi Path centers in the past could receive this transmission from the 14th Shamarpa, who himself received this oral transmission lineage from the 10th Pawo Rinpoche, a disciple of the 15th Karmapa.

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