Amitabha 19th c. © Himalayan Art Collection

Practicing the methods to take rebirth in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha according to the Sutras and Tantras

  1. Take Refuge, Pratimoksha (the lay or monastic vows), and Bodhisattva vows.  Cultivate Shamatha during one month, focusing on the image of the Buddha with devotion in order to mature the mind.
  2. Take the Bodhisattva vows belonging to the profound view tradition.
  3. Read the Sutras related to Buddha Amitabha and study the commentary by Karma Chagme on the aspiration prayers to take rebirth in Sukhavati.
  4. Accumulate merit and purify negative karma through 100,000 accumulations of Mandala offerings and prostrations to the 35 Buddhas.
  5. Continuously recite the short sutra ritual of offering to Buddha Amitabha.
  6. Do the Tonglen practice of The 7 Points of Mind Training every day.
  7. If one follows the Vajrayana path, one should receive the empowerment of Buddha Amitabha according to the Namchö tradition.
  8. Do the Buddha Amitabha Sadhana of the Namchö tradition, accumulating 100,000 recitations of the mantra.
  9. Do the daily Sadhana of the Namchö tradition with the accumulation of mantras in combination with Powa training until the appropriate signs appear.
  10. Do the Long Life Practice as it is explained in the main Sadhana.

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