Shamar Rinpoche receives Mahamudra transmission from Bhutan's Je Khenpo

Posted: 11.08.11



In July 2011, Shamar Rinpoche received a 4-day oral transmission and empowerment of "Chhag Chhen Jazhung" from His Holiness the 70th Je Khenpo, Trulku Jigme Chhoedra, at Tashichhodzong in Thimphu, Bhutan. This is a Mahamudra transmission which came to Tibet with Marpa. Marpa received these teachings from his root guru, the Indian Mahasiddha Maitrepa, and taught them to Milarepa, who taught them to Gampopa. These teachings are mainly about meditation from a mahamudra perspective.

This transimission is particularly relevant to the Bodhi Path curriculum, which emphasizes both the Mind Training (lojong) transmission of Atisha and the Mahamudra transmission of Maitrepa. These traditions were brought together by Gampopa into what is known as "Two Rivers Joined" (bka' phyag chu bo gnyis 'dres) tradition of Mind Training.