Introduction to Lojong [Tuesday, August 13, 2019]

Learn about Lojong, a practical and profound method of Mind Training that helps us cultivate insight, awareness, and compassion within our daily lives.

Posted: 28.07.19


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

7:30 PM – 8:30 PM   Intro to Lojong Meditation


Join us to learn about and practice Calm Abiding (Shamatha) meditation. 

Several short meditation sittings with silent stretching breaks.


The Winston Golf Club
2502 -- 6 St NE
Monarch Room


The methods of Lojong or Mind Training nurture the pure seed of awakening in the heart of each of us. Through meditation we can begin to transform egotistical self-clinging into selfless generosity and compassion. Put into practice diligently, the methods of Lojong can lead to full awakening.

The first step of this path is to develop a firm foundation of the proper meditation techniques: Calm Abiding meditation (Tib. Shiné, Skt. Shamatha), insight meditation (Tib. Lhagtong, Skt. Vipassana), and 'giving and taking' (Tib. Tonglen).

This session will introduce basic Buddhist concepts and the practice of Calm Abiding Meditation as taught in Shamar Rinpoche's book, The Path to Awakening.

These teachings are suitable and accessible for all types of students, regardless of level or background.