Buddha Shakyamuni with Arhats (18th c) © Himalayan Art Collection

Karma Trinlay Rinpoche

Karma Trinlay Rinpoche is a Buddhist master and scholar. Born of French and American parentage, Rinpoche is one of the first Westerners to be recognized as a Tulku (reincarnation of a Buddhist saint) by H.H. the late 16th Karmapa. Karma Trinlay Rinpoche has received all the important transmissions of Buddhism, as well as completed both traditional Buddhist and Western academic studies in the fields of philosophy and history. Fluent in English, French, and Tibetan, Rinpoche is a charismatic speaker who teaches regularly in Buddhist centers and universities in Europe, America and Asia. Karma Trinlay Rinpoche is a genuine bridge between the East and the West, the traditional and the modern.

Trinlay Rinpoche filmed an extensive video course in which he teaches on Shantideva's 8th century spiritual gem The Way of the Bodhisattva (Bodhicaryavatara) at Bodhi Path Centers in North America. More can be read at: http://www.bodhipath.org/trinlay-video/