July 29-August 1, Bodhi Path Annual Program: Guidance Along the Path

Santa Cruz, California

Posted: 05.05.22



Location: Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

Weekend Program (July 29-August 1,2022):

● Teaching program by Jigme Rinpoche

● Additional teachings and Refuge/Bodhisattva vows from Trinlay Rinpoche

● Opportunities for formal group meditation/practice

● Discussions with Bodhi Path Dharma teachers

● Opportunities for exchange with others about Bodhi Path center activities

● Time to enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting

Followed by Meditation Retreat Program (August 1-4, 2022): Meditation as a Transcendent Quality:

Integral to the path to awakening are the Six Paramitas, or perfections, or transcendent qualities. One of the six is meditation. This retreat will offer a mixture of teachings and practice sessions to help us cultivate a deeper familiarity with and understanding of meditation as a transcendent quality. Trinlay Rinpoche will lead these retreat days.