Spring Retreat: How to Love: An Applied Meditation and Practical Wisdom Retreat with Dawa Tarchin Phillips


Wednesday April 28 in the evening to midday on

Sunday May 2

Posted: 19.02.21


If the last year has taught us one thing it is that time is precious, human life can change or end at any moment, and the call to awaken is alive in many of us now. During this retreat, we will explore pathways to deepen and extend our ability to love. Not just as a means to uncover greater fulfillment, joy and meaning in our own personal lives, but also as a direct pathway to embrace wisdom, and contribute to the collective liberation, dignity and happiness of all sentient beings. The greatest thing you‘ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Registration discount extends until February 21 so don't delay, register today!      https://2021springretreat.ezregister.com

Scholarships are available. Please contact sb@bodhipath.org with your interest, commitment, and financial need.

Dawa Tarchin Phillips is the resident teacher at Bodhi Path Santa Barbara. He is a masterful dharma teacher and well-known mindfulness and meditation expert. 

In keeping with the CDC's guidance around the COVID-19 pandemic and after close consultation with Dawa we are taking our Spring Retreat into a 100% online format. We have seen how powerful it can be to come together in our community to learn, study and practice, even online. The structure will be very familiar to those who have attended past retreats. The retreat will start the evening of April 28th and conclude around lunchtime on May 2.

We are very pleased and thankful that the benefits of a longer retreat in which you can deepen your practice experience and understanding with the support of other practitioners and the guidance of a qualified teacher are still available - what a time to be alive!

Everyone is looking forward to a very nourishing retreat.