Tuesday Evening Online Group Meditation

Bodhi Path hosts an hour of meditation practice led by various Sangha members. All are welcome.

Posted: 13.06.20



Engage in formal practice with your sangha! The three pillars of spiritual growth are to study, reflect, and meditate. Opportunities to meditate abound, but the support we give and receive when we come together as a community offers priceless and boundless multipliers to our meditation practice.

In observance of the Coronavirus directives, Bodhi Path Santa Barbara continues to bring our programs to you online. Visit Santa Barbara Bodhi Path Virtual Center – http://bpsbonline.com to access all programs.

We are using Zoom video conferencing platform for our online sessions. If you need help setting up Zoom on your computer, laptop, phone or ipad, please contact Joe Kimmel - jmkimmel@gmail.com or Sean Federbusch - travelsean@gmail.com who will be happy to assist you.

Should you need to have a copy of the opening and closing prayers, click here: