Join Dharma Teacher Dawa Tarchin Phillips and Bodhi Path Santa Barbara on a special 30-day pilgrimage around the world to the 7 chakras of our planet

May 11 to June 11, 2018

Posted: 12.12.17







Dharma Teacher Dawa Tarchin Phillips and Bodhi Path Santa Barbara, in conjunction with Robertson Travel and Worldview Tours, invite you to join us on a 30-day around the world pilgrimage to the 7 chakras of our Planet in May/June 2018. Designed with care and intention, this is the first time in history a pilgrimage around the world and through the 7 chakras of our planet is offered to the public.

Led by Dawa Tarchin Phillips, we embark on a spiritual journey starting in Los Angeles, California with an intention setting ceremony before departing for East Africa and the Great Rift Valley and Serengeti of Northern Tanzania, retracing humanity’s first steps in this world. From there, we travel to Cairo in Egypt where we sail the river Nile, and visit and meditate at the feet of the majestic and ancient Pyramids and Sphinx. Then we journey onward to Jerusalem, holy city to three of the world’s great spiritual traditions. Following an eastward direction, we travel to Varanasi in India, ancient and sacred city at the river Ganges and then to Beijing in China to visit the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. We will meditate at the Great Wall and the Sacred Mountains of Wutai Shan before traveling to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and to the sacred Mount Kailash, in the Himalayan plateau, home of divine abodes. We continue to Los Angeles, California to conclude the full circumambulation of our planet.

The intention of this journey is to experience the sacredness of our planet beyond the usual divisions and separateness, and to awaken to the unifying consciousness that connects all life on Earth. 


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